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A Short Film by Samantha Mei Paull

Samantha Mei Paull

Screenwriter | Actor | Director | Author
Samantha wrote her first script at the age of 8. It's floating around here somewhere...

Flash-forward to age 16 when she drafted the story that would eventually become BLACKBERRY. 

The film combines her passion for thrillers and dark, mystical settings. Originally designed as a trilogy, upon workshopping the script the story has evolved into an episodic thriller, of which BLACKBERRY is the pilot.

After extensive local fundraising and the generosity of many supporters, the film came to life in the woods of Oregon this past Summer. 


Since post-production on BLACKBERRY, Samantha has been filling her time with college applications, film festival submissions, directing her first music video, wrapping-up her senior year and, in the margins, she has completed the manuscript of her first novel, The Veil of Shattered Souls.


She dreams of being a screenwriter and will be heading to film school in the Fall. 


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